Our drone was stolen in the Caribbean

Trip to Mexico: setbacks during a vacation in paradise

We were on vacation in a paradise on Earth – the Caribbean! Blue and clear sea…perfect to shoot with our drone. However we still had some setbacks with our drone that drove us crazy. Do you want to know what happened?
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A drone missing

We can say that the first days in the Caribbean were perfect; warm water beaches, swimming pool, seafood. We truly felt like kings of that place! But it was shortly after we arrived that we had a bigger issue.
Since the pictures of the Caribbean are breathtaking, we had to take our drone with us for some shooting. We were on a paid road (€1.65 entry) and while Sara was driving, Pedro was piloting the drone. Shootings were just as we wanted, so we decided to make the device land about 400 meters from us to avoid hitting the trees. When we arrived at the place where the drone was supposed to be, there was no sign of it. Shortly after, the connected mobile phone could no longer find the drone location and seemed to be turned off, even with a 34% battery. We did everything to find it; we rang all the bells and asked the few people passing by if they had seen our drone. Several helped us searching for it, but with no effect.

Keep searching

We were suspicious of two Spanish tourists who passed us by bicycle in the meantime. However, when we asked if they had seen our drone, they pretended not to understand what we were saying, which made us feel angrier. Anyway, we were very grateful for the help given by the resident people and the hotel staff.

To relax a little, we returned to our accommodation and enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach and pool. Rafa made some holes in the sand while we had a great lobster soup for lunch. It was delicious and, for the price (€2.5), the more delicious it became! 🙂

Tropical rain

We were in a tropical climate, which means a radiant sun in the morning and, right while we were enjoying our lunch, the weather started to change. We felt some raindrops falling on us. It was time to change plans and deal with what had to be dealt with as soon as possible.

In addition to the “less good episodes” list, we ended up almost running out of fuel given to the search of the drone. Once again, the hotel staff was helpful. One of the employees had 2 litres of fuel oil available and insisted on putting it in the tank of our rental car that we could reach the nearest filling station. For this, it was necessary to improvise a funnel with the neck of a bottle. Engineering that never fails! Now it was time to pray that we could drive 30km with 2 litres of fuel!

Mission accomplished! 🙂

After the stress with the drone, it was time to relax!

The next day, we enjoyed the beautiful Caribbean landscapes in good company. But a slightly different company than usual – we went to an experience of Manatees watching, in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve! These tiny aquatic mammals are a protected species and there were 18 on this reserve in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.
Along the way, we were also lucky enough to spot ospreys and crocodiles, but we tell you about these respectful animals in the article about Belize Jungle! 🙂

That boat ride was done in a very quiet way not to scare the animals. As soon as we reached the area most frequented by manatees, our guide turned off the engine and we stood there, surrounded by a clear blue sea, with those animals that, from time to time, surfaced in the water to breathe. The rain seemed to be about to fall but this time, we were lucky with it! 🙂

Final remarks

We surrendered to this little place in the world. We ended that tour diving in those warm and irresistible waters. Not even Rafita escaped the bath … and with great pleasure because he is a water lover!

Do you want to be blown away by the fantastic views of the Caribbean as well? Watch our video about all the setbacks we had and, even better, about this pleasant boat trip!

To read our article about the amazing Belize Jungle, click here!

Kisses, hugs and licks

Sara, Pedro and RAFITA 🐶


TUGA.ME team


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