A few days in Croatia: Zip-lining over the river Cetina

During a fantastic road trip through Eastern Europe, we decided to stop in Croatia for a few days. A country that is full of history. It’s one of the 20 most desirable tourist destinations in the world! But the landscapes and contact with nature left us surrendered! As we are passionate about extreme sports, we decided to explore these places in Spring… to zipline! But how was the experience like? Was it possible to take Rafa to slide with us? Read this article and find out everything!

What is Zipline?

We started our radical adventure in Omiš, about 25km from Split! Everything was planned and scheduled through ZIPLINE Croatia – a company specialized in zipline, located in the river Cetina area, 3km from Omiš.

This Zipline polygon consists of eight steel cables, with a total of 2.1km in length. The biggest cable is 700 meters. There are the shorter (25 meters) cables, used for training and demonstration to start. It’s two and a half hours of pure fun (and also tiredness) so that groups of ten people (maximum) can complete the slide route over the Cetina river canyon!

Ready to go!

Up to the starting point for the adventure, the transport was in Zipline vans. A clarification session followed, where we received some safety tips as well as our equipment. Look at us so colorful! Not even Rafa escaped it! 🙂

Once equipped, we did training on shorter cables to simulate what would happen on large cables. Thus, we learned how to move on slide cables. Since we were with a monitor, if we were going too fast, he’d tap us on the helmet. This way, we should stop, pulling the safety tab over the cable. If we were at the desired speed, the monitor would touch us on the waist.

As an Emotional Support Animal (ESAN), Rafa always joins Pedro. Yes, our dog slides too! 🙂 However, these cases always require a lot of preparation and training. It was necessary to set him up early on, with short walks through nature, including more winding routes and access to extreme sports’ tools. From slide to canyoning, canoeing or even climbing.

But deep down, we had some luck. As Rafa is a Border Collie, he’s quite agitated, always full of energy and ready to play… not to mention he loves water! We suspect that we have a professional swimmer dog! 🙂

Harnesses on, let’s go!

If you think that sliding is just going down, you are wrong! Before the best part, we had to climb the cliffs to the height of each cape. However, these walks do not disappoint at all! Because the landscapes are amazing and invite you to take lots of pictures!

The highest cable was 150 meters above ground level. But before that, there were others to explore. In each of them, one of the monitors showed how descent should be made. The second monitor connected the participants to the cable, giving some more instructions. Security is never too much!

Honestly, the wait is stressful, with butterflies in the stomach. But when it’s our turn and we’re seated in the harness, the rush is huge! It even makes you want to scream and hear your echo through the canyon! The view is breathtaking, whatever the height. Below, the river Cetina really seemed to look at us and the gorges almost swallowed us in that emptiness, full of color!

Surrendered to heights!

At the end of the experience, we walked to the nearest road, where the Zipline van was already waiting to take us back to the agency in Omiš.

It was three hours of adventure at the highest level, literally! The monitors were tireless, always taking care to explain everything to us in detail so that nothing failed. After all, at 150 meters above the ground, nothing should fail, right? 🙂

We were breathless but amazed by all that beauty; from the reflection of the sun on the canyons to the blue mirror of the river below us! Rafa was the one who wanted to keep it going, but we will certainly come back for more adventure!

Check out the video we made during this experience! We just don’t promise that you won’t feel like going to Croatia and do it as well!

Kisses, hugs and licks

Sara, Pedro and RAFITA 🐶


TUGA.ME team


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