Embark on a journey through Maranhão, where Brazil’s natural beauty intertwines with the rich cultural and historical tapestry of this enchanting state. We have prepared a unique adventure for you, leading from the vast dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses to the majestic landscapes of Chapada das Mesas, culminating in the picturesque São Luís, a UNESCO World Heritage City.

This trip is a celebration of Maranhão’s natural and cultural contrasts. In Lençóis Maranhenses, you’ll feel the magic of a desert blooming with crystal-clear lagoons, creating a surreal setting. In Chapada das Mesas, the adventure takes various forms, from exploring hidden waterfalls and mysterious caves to authentic cultural interactions with local communities.

But this journey isn’t just about external landscapes; it’s an inward voyage where each experience connects you more deeply with the land and its traditions. In São Luís do Maranhão, you’ll be transported back in time through historic streets, where colonial architecture and tiles tell centuries-old stories. Here, music, dance, and gastronomy form a tapestry of experiences that will enrich you.

The accommodations we’ve chosen reflect this spirit of adventure and discovery, offering you comfort and refinement amidst lush nature. With TUGA.ME, you’ll experience Maranhão in a way that goes beyond the conventional: intense, authentic, and unforgettable.

Join us on this extraordinary journey! Between adventures in stunning landscapes and moments of pure serenity, this will be an experience that imprints the true essence of Maranhão in your memory.

Discover the best this state has to offer – your travel tale starts here!

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Hello, traveler!

Welcome to Brazil and the charming city of São Luís, the capital of Maranhão! Here begins your journey through one of the most vibrant corners of this tropical country. At the airport, you’ll be greeted with a broad smile by our trip leader or a local guide who will accompany you to our rest haven – a handpicked 5-star hotel ensuring your comfort.

If your flight arrives early, take advantage of the free hours to get acclimated. Feel the sea breeze and refresh yourself on the nearby beach or, if you prefer, relax with the amenities the hotel offers, preparing yourself for the exciting days ahead.

Dinner will be at the hotel’s restaurant, an ideal moment to delight your palate with local cuisine and, more importantly, to meet your new travel companions who will share all the upcoming adventures with you.

Heed our advice: after dinner, go to sleep and try to rest. The next day you need to be 100% to fully enjoy what we have planned for you.

And don’t worry if your flight arrives late; we guarantee you won’t go to bed without a snack. You’ll find a sandwich waiting in your room so that your stomach is as content as your adventurous spirit.

See you tomorrow with the promise of a day full of new discoveries!

Hotel 5*

Good morning, adventurer!

After a beautiful night’s sleep, prepare to savor a breakfast filled with local delights that will energize you for the incredible day ahead. Today, our journey takes us to a paradise where the majestic Lençóis Maranhenses await to astonish us with their stunning beauty.

On the way, we’ll take a break to introduce you to the “authentic” açaí or juçara, as it is affectionately known around here. It will be a unique experience with options ranging from traditional carne de sol to delicious shrimp or fresh fruits. Prepare your palate for a delightfully difficult choice!

Upon reaching our destination, we’ll check into our sustainable sanctuary that encapsulates the charm and glamour of a nature hotel. Here, bungalows built with native wood and carnaúba straw roofs converge with the environment without sacrificing comfort and sophistication. The breeze passing through the windows and balconies eliminates the need for air conditioning, providing natural and sustainable freshness.

Don’t be surprised if you come across iguanas sunbathing peacefully or tree frogs singing night songs. Curious lizards and hunting bats are also inhabitants of this wild oasis, adding to the charm of the experience.

After a revitalizing lunch, we embark toward the essence of Lençóis on an off-road route promising adrenaline and discovery. Here, the dunes reign, imposing and fluid, in constant dance with the wind. These hills of fine, shiny sand shape the horizon, surrounding clear lagoons that shimmer like jewels under the sun. Each dune is a new scene, an invitation to explore and capture with your camera. Prepare for this ballet of sand and light, a true spectacle of nature.

The highlight of the day will be the sunset observed from a strategic point where nature performs its daily magic, and we are honored guests. The sky paints itself with warm colors, reflecting in the crystal-clear waters of the lagoons in a spectacle that will leave you breathless.

We will end the day with dinner at a local restaurant, where you can taste Maranhense delicacies and let the flavors of the region dance in your mouth, satisfying your appetite and enchanting your senses.

Rest after this day full of new memories, because tomorrow there is more to discover!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning, explorers!

Today is a day you won’t want to miss for the world! The morning begins calmly and with tranquility. After breakfast at the eco-lodge, you have a free morning to enjoy well-deserved rest or explore local charms at your own pace.

Forget the famous post-lunch siesta; today’s adventure restarts right after lunch. Ready 4×4 cars will take us on an exciting 12 km route across the spectacular dunes of the region to our hike’s starting point, approximately 3 km long. This stage will be a unique experience, interspersed with stops for refreshing baths in natural lagoons and numerous opportunities for breathtaking photographic captures.

Our destination is a charming local village, a place where hospitality is as clear as the lagoons dotting the dunes. The community will welcome us with open arms for a genuine experience under the starry sky, promising a night of rest in open-air hammocks, lulled by the gentle sounds of nocturnal nature. Yes, you read that right: you’ll spend the night in a hammock and sleep under the stars in a magical and cozy environment.

As evening falls, we will witness the sunset together, a spectacle of colors unfolding on the horizon where dunes and native vegetation meet. This moment will also be a chance for cultural immersion, exchanging stories and experiences with local inhabitants.

Dinner will be a true celebration of regional cuisine, offering delicious options of stewed goat or country chicken, lovingly and masterfully prepared by local residents. A chance to savor traditional cooking and feel part of the culture that gives soul to this unique place.

Prepare for an unforgettable night, where every star in the sky seems to tell a story of the Maranhão hinterland.

Note: For those who prefer the comfort of the eco-lodge, transport will be available to return after sunset. However, it is important to note that choosing the pousada over the village experience means missing out on the planned activities for the next day.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning, intrepid adventurers!

You will wake up with the first rays of the sun to witness a breathtaking sunrise over the dunes. After a revitalizing breakfast, you’ll delve deeper into local stories, exploring native fruits and discovering the secrets of medicinal plants with our host family.

And because we like to add a bit of adventure to our days, we will then take kayaks and let ourselves be carried by the serene waters of one of the region’s most enchanting rivers. With a 7 km course, we’ll paddle gently, soothed by the calm currents and surrounded by lush vegetation.

As hunger signals after some bathing and paddling, we’ll have lunch in the next town. Choosing what to eat will undoubtedly be the most delicious challenge of the day! Followed by our well-deserved siesta, a moment of pure tranquility after the meal.

Returning to the pousada in the afternoon, you can relax or take a stroll through the village, where you can enjoy a refreshing popsicle.

The day will end with a comforting dinner at the eco-lodge! Rest well…

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning, travelers!

This morning, you will have free time to breathe, absorb, and live in the place. You may awaken without haste and use this period as you prefer.

Lunch will be served at the pousada, prepared with flavors that have already won our hearts and palates.

Today’s adventure marks an exciting turn in our journey: After lunch, we will swap the stunning scenery of the lençóis and their lagoons for the vast and mysterious meeting of river and sea. Our 4×4 transport will take us to the port, where the transition becomes tangible. Aboard a boat, we will navigate a natural sanctuary, transitioning magically from the turquoise blue tones to the emerald green of the coastal vegetation. This is the stage for one of nature’s most beautiful ballets: the aquatic dance of dolphins, which may appear at any moment, adorning our path with their jumps and dances.

As the sun begins its slow farewell to the day, one of nature’s most spectacular shows begins to unfold: the Revoada dos Guarás. In perfect sync with the day’s cycle, these magnificent birds paint the sky bright red, in stark contrast to the golden twilight. Nature invites us to a spectacle of colors, where the late afternoon is not just the end of a day, but the culmination of an experience that deeply connects us with the life cycle in this unique place, where each element – earth, water, and sky – meets in perfect harmony.

We close our day with dinner at a local restaurant, where the flavors of the land meet the talent of regional chefs, promising to be the perfect end to a day of discoveries and natural charms.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning, trailblazers!

Today, our hearts beat in sync with the vibrant nature of Chapada das Mesas. You’re about to dive into exploring the first wonders of this paradise, where stone mesas rise like natural monuments, and waterfalls plummet in foamy curtains. Imagine the excitement that awaits you!

Upon arrival at this natural sanctuary, you’ll have a chance to change clothes and prepare for the adventure ahead. With a backpack and trail snack in hand, you’ll be ready for an adventure that connects you with the adventurous spirit of legends like Indiana Jones. The region’s waterfalls promise an indescribable natural massage, preparing us for the adrenaline-filled challenges that loom.

The climb up Morro do Pedro offers a delightful dilemma: choose between a trail that quickens your pulse or an ascent by cable car with breathtaking views. At the summit, the reward is a meditation pyramid – an oasis of peace for the spirit – and a 1400-meter slide that promises to send your adrenaline sky-high. The descent can be a meditative journey by cable car or a hike where every step is a moment of connection with the earth.

At dusk, we head to our refuge. There, we’ll check in and savor delicacies that are a treat for the palate. The night will culminate in well-deserved rest, recharging us for more days of discovery and excitement under the Chapada sky.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Autocarro / Onibus

Good morning, explorer!

Today, your heart will beat in harmony with the vibrant nature of Chapada das Mesas. You’re about to immerse yourself in the exploration of the first wonders of this paradise, where stone mesas stand as monumental guardians and waterfalls cascade in majestic displays. Imagine the thrill awaiting you!

Upon reaching this natural haven, you’ll have the chance to change into appropriate attire and gear up for the day’s adventure. With your trail snack ready, you’ll embark on a journey that echoes the adventurous spirit of legends like Indiana Jones. The waterfalls here promise a uniquely natural massage, preparing you for the adrenaline-packed challenges that lie ahead.

Ascending Morro do Pedro presents an enticing choice: trek the earthen trail, feeling the heartbeat of nature around you, or rise via cable car, with breathtaking views unfolding before you. At the summit, you’re greeted by the serenity of a glass pyramid dedicated to meditation and a 1400-meter slide, transforming your adrenaline into a whirlwind of excitement. For the descent, you can choose the calm of the cable car, the exhilarating speed of the slide, or the grounding experience of a hike. How will you choose to come down?

As twilight approaches, you’ll head to your retreat, where check-in and culinary delights await. The night will conclude with deserved rest, recharging you for more days of discovery and excitement under the Chapada sky.

Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning, wanderers!

The irresistible aroma of breakfast at the Ranch will make you eager to jump out of bed and indulge in the culinary delights awaiting you. Each bite here is a celebration of regional cuisine, with freshly baked cakes, pies, and bread offering a comforting start to the day. Forget the diets and dive into this morning feast.

Reinvigorated by breakfast and the fresh air of the Ranch, we embark on a moderate 7.6 km hike. The lush cerrado unfolds before us, revealing a diversity of medicinal plants and fascinating sandstone formations. The panoramic views of the Chapada’s hills, especially the iconic Morro do Chapéu, promise scenes worthy of capturing in photographs. And of course, a crystal-clear spring and waterfall await to provide us with a rejuvenating bath.

Lunch will be served back at the comfort of the Ranch, followed by a leisurely afternoon to enjoy the amenities of the place. This retreat, nestled in nature, offers rooms that are true nests of rest, harmonizing with the serene environment of the Chapada. The surrounding area is an invitation to serenity, with a peaceful river for refreshing dips and various resting spots, including shaded beds and hammocks, all accompanied by the melody of local birds.

We close the day with another tasty dinner, where we’ll share stories and laughter, strengthening the bonds of this unforgettable adventure.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning, aspiring Indiana Jones!

After a sumptuous and revitalizing breakfast at the Ranch, get ready for another day filled with discoveries and emotions. We’ll set off early towards a neighboring town, on a journey that leads us to a hidden crystal-clear spring. This secret paradise, with a maximum depth of 6 meters, is an ideal setting for an experience of floating and snorkeling. Immersed in clear and serene waters, you’ll feel as if you’re exploring an enchanted world hidden from everyday sights.

Continuing our adventure, we head to a spectacular hidden waterfall 60 km away. Upon arrival at this natural paradise, we are greeted with two exploration choices: a 1500-meter trail leading to the heart of the waterfall, or for the more daring, an 80-meter rappel descent beside this impressive water cascade. This magical place is a true natural sanctuary, where the waters fall with hypnotizing force and beauty. During the descent, we may be graced with the presence of thousands of swallows in full breeding season, adding a mystical dimension to this adventure.

After the morning and early afternoon emotions and discoveries, we’ll pause for a late lunch, where we suggest indulging in a traditional feijoada, replenishing our energy for the rest of the day.

We conclude our day full of adventures by returning to the Ranch. On the way back, we’ll have the opportunity to admire a beautiful sunset on the road. Once back at the Ranch, a cozy dinner awaits us. Another perfect moment to relax and share the experiences and memories of this incredible day.

Good night, rest well, for the adventures in Chapada das Mesas are far from over!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning!

Today, embrace the day with a laid-back spirit as we recharge our energies with a delicious breakfast at the Ranch. Prepare for another day of unique explorations and encounters with the exuberant nature of Chapada.

Our first stop will be at the home of a local park resident, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the traditional production of pubá flour and tapioca, essential products derived from cassava. This visit is a unique chance to witness the lifecycle of cassava, from cultivation to the dining table.

After immersing ourselves in Brazilian food traditions and culture, it’s time to explore two of the region’s most spectacular waterfalls. The first stop will be an impressive waterfall that captivates with its unique beauty. Beyond the stunning landscape, we’ll enjoy a homemade lunch cooked on an authentic wood stove.

The afternoon brings us to another majestic waterfall, known for its imposing height and impressive water volume. Here, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore a secret cave behind the water curtain and enjoy a kayak ride in the crystal-clear natural pool.

But the day doesn’t end there! After refreshing swims, we’ll enjoy a delicious snack at the home of another local park resident. We’ll taste incredible cheese spread with fried cake and paçoca, accompanied by freshly brewed coffee. For the adventurous, there’s even a chance to try the babaçu coconut caterpillar, said to taste like coconut…

As the afternoon turns to evening, we return to the lodge, where dinner and rest await after a day full of unforgettable adventures.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eco Pousada

Good morning! Today is a day for embracing laziness and recharging our batteries!!

After several days of intense adventure and excitement, today is reserved for relaxation and leisure, making the most of everything this exceptional lodge has to offer.

You’ll enjoy the peace and tranquility in the hammocks, refresh in the river, explore the natural beauty on a canoe ride, or simply relax in a hammock, taking in the stunning view. For those wanting to linger in bed, breakfast will be served a bit later, ensuring you have every opportunity to enjoy every moment of rest.

At noon, join us for a delicious lunch, leisurely savoring the regional dishes prepared with care. And the fun doesn’t stop here! At 5 pm, we’ll start a typical Brazilian barbecue, even more special with an appropriate dress code to make the party memorable. Information about the attire will be sent to everyone, so prepare for a stylish and fun-filled afternoon. Accompanied by live music, a Brazilian popular music group will elevate the celebration spirit, making our last day in Chapada unforgettable.

Around 8 pm, it’s time to check out and begin our journey back to São Luís. As with the journey from Lençóis to Chapada, we’ll travel during the night, optimizing our time to make the most of every adventure.

You’ll carry unforgettable memories and the gratifying feeling of having fully experienced the wonders of Chapada das Mesas!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Autocarro / Onibus

Good morning, adventurers!

Today, we marvel at São Luís, a city that captivates all its visitors with its rich history, vibrant culture, and unique architecture. Prepare to be impressed by the architectural heritage of this city, founded by the French in the 17th century and later colonized by the Portuguese. Its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases Portuguese colonial architecture that will leave you in awe.

Upon arriving in São Luís and after hotel check-in, we’ll enjoy a delicious lunch, tasting the region’s Maranhense delicacies. Then, we’ll dive into a tour of the historic center, uncovering fascinating facts and curiosities about this enchanting city’s history.

Although all good experiences come to an end, we’ll conclude our journey with a memorable dinner in a typical restaurant on the island of love, celebrating new friendships and unforgettable memories made.

Lunch, Dinner
Hotel 5*

Good morning, adventurers!

Today, as we conclude our unforgettable journey through Maranhão, we cherish each moment with fondness and gratitude. After enjoying our last breakfast together, we’ll check out of the hotel at 10:00 am. A transfer has already been arranged to take us to São Luís airport, ensuring our farewell is as smooth as our wonderful stay.

As you prepare to depart, remember to take more than just photographs and souvenirs. Take a part of this enigmatic and enchanting Maranhão in your heart. Shared smiles, laughter under the starry sky, the freshness of natural waters, the taste of each typical dish, and the certainty that each adventure lived was an invaluable gift.

This journey to Maranhão is not an end, but a ‘see you soon’. The memories you created here will turn into stories to tell, and we hope the longing brings you back for more adventures with us.

Until next time, traveler, and thank you for joining us on this journey!

TUGA.ME – Your travel tale starts here! 🌍✈️❤️




  • Alojamento - 12 noites em hotel 5* e Eco-Pousadas.
  • Alimentação - todas as refeições estão incluídas (pequeno-almoço, almoço e jantar), excepto os 2 pequenos-almoços que faremos nos dias de viagem de autocarro, mais snacks em alguns dos passeios.
  • Bebidas - em todas as refeições tens alguma bebida incluída (água, refrigerante, cerveja local).
  • Experiências - Todas as experiências / actividades mencionadas no roteiro
  • Tour Leader - acompanhamento do líder durante toda a viagem
  • Guia Local -todas as nossas actividades incluem guia local
  • Transportes - Todos os transportes estão incluídos, excepto os que forem utilizados a nível pessoal. Um transfer único na chegada e na partida. Transfer para todas as atividades e autocarro de ida e volta para a chapada das mesas.
  • Internet - cartão SIM com tráfego de dados móveis ILIMITADOS para o teu smartphone.
  • Seguro de viagem - tens incluído o melhor seguro de viagem que conhecemos e olha que nós conhecemos muitos e temos acesso a quase todos eles.


  • Voos - apesar do voo não estar incluído podemos tratar do mesmo por ti
  • Outras experiências, alimentação e bebidas não especificadas
  • Extras pessoais


Posso inscrever-me sozinho/a?

Claro que sim, a maior parte dos nossos viajantes viaja sozinho. É uma viagem para conhecermos novas pessoas e fazer amizades.

Em que tipo de quartos vamos ficar?

Durante a nossa viagem, ficaremos em quartos duplos. Se estiveres a viajar sozinho(a), vais partilhar o quarto com outro viajante do mesmo sexo. Os quartos podem ter uma cama de casal ou duas camas separadas.

Se viajares como casal ou com um amigo(a), terás o teu próprio quarto privado para maior conforto e privacidade. 

Existe vários alojamentos em que o grupo tem de ficar distribuido por quartos de categorias diferentes, sendo que a atribuição dos mesmos é feita de forma aleatória à medida que os viajantes se vão inscrevendo.

E se eu quiser um quarto individual?

Geralmente, não oferecemos quartos individuais devido aos custos elevados e à indisponibilidade na maioria dos alojamentos escolhidos. Mesmo assim caso tenhas interesse entra em contacto connosco, para questionarmos os hotéis sobre a disponibilidade e preço do suplemento single que terás de pagar.

E se não confirmarem?

Se até 20 dias antes da viagem não tivermos atingido o número mínimo de viajantes, entramos em contacto contigo para te informar que a viagem foi cancelada.
Caso isso aconteça existem 3 opções para os inscritos: Devolução do dinheiro pago; Possibilidade de agendar para nova data; Possibilidade de usar noutro destino ou deixar em crédito para viagens futuras.
Caso seja o viajante a cancelar aplicam-se os termos e condições.

Os voos estão incluídos?

Não, cada viajante é responsável pela compra do seu bilhete de avião. O viajante pode comprar as passagens aéreas por intermédio da TUGA.ME ou de um parceiro seu, mas a referida passagem aérea é sempre um serviço vendido à parte das viagens de grupo.

Lembramos que só deves comprar os bilhetes de avião quando a viagem estiver confirmada. Receberás um email assim que isso aconteça, com a indicação de que já podes proceder à reserva dos voos.

Por que razão os voos não estão incluídos?

Como temos viajantes de vários países, não nos é possível incluir o voo no pacote da viagem.

Quando devemos chegar ao destino e partir dele?

Deves chegar ao destino no dia em que começa a viagem (data de início que está indicado no programa) e marcar o regresso no dia em termina.

Posso estender os dias da viagem?

Caso pretendas ficar mais uns dias antes ou depois da nossa viagem de grupo e necessites de ajuda com alojamento, entra em contato connosco, após teres efetuado a tua reserva. Nota que este serviço é sempre vendido à parte das viagens de grupo.

O grupo de viajantes vai viajar todo junto?

Não, como temos viajantes de várias zonas do mundo, o ponto de encontro do grupo será no aeroporto de Faro ou no primeiro alojamento.


Nesta viagem teremos dois transferes coletivos para todo o grupo: um transfer na chegada do aeroporto de Faro para o hotel e outro na partida, do hotel para o aeroporto de Faro.
O horário desses transferes vai ser marcado de acordo com os horários de chegada e partida da maioria dos viajantes.
Antes da viagem começar, vamos te informar sobre os horários exatos desses transferes para que te possas programar.

Terei tempo livre?

Claro! Apesar da nossa viagem ser bastante preenchida, com muitas atividades para ti, também terás algum tempo livre para explorares por conta própria, ou até mesmo para desfrutares dos hotéis.

Tenho um problema de saúde, posso ir na viagem?

Todos os viajantes são bem-vindos nas nossas viagens, mas caso tenhas um problema de saúde que de alguma forma te limite fisicamente, recomendamos que antes de efetuares a tua reserva fales connosco. Desta forma podemos juntos ver se a viagem é ou não aconselhada para ti, ou recomendar-te outra que achemos mais indicada.

Qual o tipo de refeições incluídas?

As refeições incluídas são geralmente comida local do destino.

Tenho uma restrição alimentar, há opções?

Sim e não, isso vai depender do tipo de restrição alimentar que tenhas e da possibilidade dos nossos parceiros em preparem refeições adequadas às tuas necessidades. Se a tua restrição alimentar é um fator impeditivo para viajar, então antes de efetuares a tua reserva deves falar connosco.

Seguro de viagem?

A viagem tem incluído um ótimo seguro de viagem, vê as coberturas e condições gerais, aqui.

Saúde e vacinas?

A sua saúde e bem-estar são prioridades essenciais durante a viagem. Por isso, aconselhamos os nossos turistas a realizarem uma consulta do viajante 6 a 8 semanas antes da partida para o Brasil. Esta consulta é importante para uma avaliação personalizada dos riscos de viagem, considerando as especificidades de cada um dos viajantes, incluindo o tipo de viagem, as atividades planeadas, a duração da estadia, quaisquer condições de saúde preexistentes e medicação habitual.

Durante a consulta do viajante, serão abordados temas importantes como a  vacinação (é recomendável que os viajantes  tenham o seu Programa Nacional de Vacinação (PNV) atualizado, especialmente para difteria, tétano e poliomielite), como precauções com picadas de insetos, cuidados com alimentos e bebidas, e exposição solar.

Para todos os turistas residentes em Portugal, elaboramos uma lista onde podem marcar uma Consulta do Viajante pelo SNS, a qual ficará a um preço bem acessível. Consulte aqui a lista:

O destino desta viagem é perigoso?

Entendemos que quando falamos em Brasil, temos um “sininho” de alerta no que respeita à segurança.

No Brasil, a maioria das áreas turísticas é considerada de segurança média, com exceção de algumas áreas de alto risco, geralmente localizadas em zonas urbanas mais densas, que são bem conhecidas e facilmente evitáveis.
Para uma viagem tranquila e segura, aconselhamos seguir algumas práticas recomendadas de segurança e utilizar o bom senso:

-Evite exibir objetos de valor, como jóias ou grandes quantidades de dinheiro em público.
– Permaneça com o grupo e evite andar sozinho em locais isolados, especialmente à noite.
– Mantenha as portas e janelas do quarto do hotel trancadas quando estiver ausente e durante a noite.
– Ande com cópias dos seus documentos de viagem, como passaporte, e guarde os originais em um local seguro no hotel.
– Ao caminhar, mantenha suas bolsas e mochilas na frente do corpo para maior segurança.

Posso reservar lugar, sem pagar o total da viagem?

SIM, para garantir a tua reserva necessitas apenas de pagar 30% do valor total. No entanto caso falte 60 ou menos dias para o início da viagem, terás de pagar os 100%.

Tens mais dúvidas?

Visita a nossa página de Condições Gerais ou envia-nos um e-mail para [email protected]

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Exploring Maranhão: From the Mystical Lençóis to the Majestic Chapada
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