In a land where the salty scent of the Atlantic meets the wonders of Portuguese culture, we have prepared for you a journey filled with adventure and glamour. The Algarve, our seaside backyard, holds hidden secrets and treasures beyond its golden beaches. On this journey we’ve prepared, you’ll feel the thrill of zip-lining, the magic of the suspended valleys, and the taste of the region’s wines.

Like the contours of the Algarve coast, this trip promises to be winding and surprising. From the emotive fado performances in Tavira to the boat trips through hidden caves, there is a constant interplay between wild nature and sophisticated elegance. Whether savoring a seaside meal in Sagres, or discovering the traditional crafts and underground wonders of Loulé, each day will be a new discovery.

The selected hotels, located by the sea or immersed in nature, promise exquisite rest, enhancing this fusion of adventure and glamour. With TUGA.ME, the Algarve will reveal itself to you like never before: intense, majestic, and unforgettable.

So, join us on this Algarvian odyssey! Between adventures in nature and moments of pure relaxation, this will surely be a journey etched in your memory as one of the most significant and enriching moments of your traveler’s life. Come discover the best of the Algarve, your journey starts here!

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Hello, traveler!

Have you landed at Faro Airport? Great! The Algarve sun welcomes you and promises to be the perfect backdrop for your upcoming adventures. Don’t worry about the next steps, as we have everything taken care of. Based on the majority of travelers’ arrival times, we will schedule the transfer, so keep an eye on your email! We’ll give you all the details about the exact times, so your only concern will be choosing the soundtrack for your journey.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we have a group meeting planned. It will be a great opportunity to meet your fellow travelers and hear what we have prepared for you in the coming days. As the travel fatigue may start to set in, dinner will be right at the hotel… Oh! And if you happen to arrive a bit late, don’t worry. We’ve saved you a delicious sandwich so you won’t go to bed hungry.

A piece of advice between friends? Try to get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow, we want to see you full of energy, ready to get lost (and found) in the wonders of the Algarve.

See you soon, and get ready for some unforgettable days!

Day 2 :

Good morning, adventurers! After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we head to Alcoutim, where the adrenaline will soar! For the bravest, we propose a zip line/slide crossing – yes, you’ll ‘fly’ from Spain to Portugal! And the best part? You start in style with a river crossing by boat. If this adventure doesn’t call to you, no stress, there will be more ahead.

Hunger will set in and a lunch at a local restaurant awaits us. With full bellies, it’s time to dive into history. The Alcoutim Castle and the mills promise to reveal secrets with the help of a local guide.

At the end of the day, the comfort of our hotel calls us back. And here, a delicious surprise: our hotel has three distinct restaurants! There’s a buffet service, offering international cuisine that brings the best gastronomy from various corners of the world. If you prefer to savor the local charms, one of the restaurants specializes in the best Portuguese dishes and Algarve specialties. And, for lovers of a good grill, the third restaurant offers a selection of meats and local fish, accompanied by typical Algarvian specialties. All you have to do is choose what you feel like eating!

Enjoy the free evening to relax or explore the surroundings. And, of course, we have a delicious dinner planned at the restaurant of your choice. Ready for another incredible day? See you tomorrow!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Wake up and feel the sea breeze, because today is a day to set sail! Right after breakfast, we head to Fuseta’s dock, just a 30-minute drive away. Onboard a private “speedboat,” we’ll sail through the islands of Fuseta and Tavira. Prepare for breathtaking views and Instagram-worthy moments! Halfway through the trip, we take a break with a relaxed lunch – a picnic with seaside sandwiches.

Back on solid ground, the center of Tavira awaits us. The afternoon will be marked by the enveloping sound of fado. With a Portuguese guitar, viola, and voice guiding us, we’ll be transported to the heart of Portuguese tradition. This performance is a true journey through the Portuguese soul.

After the emotions, we return to the hotel. Here, a range of amenities awaits you! You can choose between relaxing in one of the two outdoor pools or, if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, the heated indoor pool is an excellent option. If you’re looking for even more relaxation, the spa with a Sauna, Turkish Bath, and Jacuzzi is at your disposal. For the more active, the gym provides the perfect space to keep in shape. And let’s not forget the hotel’s two bars, with a vast menu of drinks for you to enjoy while relaxing!

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon as you please. At dusk, we have another delicious dinner planned at the hotel. You can join us to share experiences and laughs, or if you prefer, you can take the moment to dine alone, in a more private and quiet setting. Until the next day of adventure!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 4 :

Good morning, explorers! After bidding farewell to Tavira with one last breakfast (or café da manhã for our Brazilian brothers and sisters), Loulé is our next stop. This is one of those places where history, culture, and Portuguese charm intertwine. Through a guided tour, we dive into the alleys and nooks of this historic center.

After recharging with lunch at a typical Loulé restaurant, we have an underground experience on the agenda: the salt-gem mines! These centuries-old mines provide an incredible journey through crystallized corridors, filled with geological wonders that tell the story of our planet.

Mid-afternoon, we make a brief stop at the house of the legendary Ayrton Senna. A moment to remember and capture photos of this iconic place.

Finally, we head to Albufeira. After a 45-minute journey, we arrive at our new refuge. Check-in awaits us, and the rest of the afternoon is yours! Rest, explore, or simply enjoy the hotel.

And, when hunger strikes, a delicious traditional buffet dinner will be waiting for you, offering a variety of dishes that showcase rich national gastronomy and international options to please all palates. Ready to continue our journey? See you tomorrow!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Good morning, sea lovers! After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, Albufeira calls us. First thing in the morning, we embark on our faithful Leãozinho at Marina de Albufeira, for an adventure through the Atlantic waves. And what a journey! With the breeze in our faces, we sail along the stunning coast, passing by São Rafael, Castelo, and Galé beaches. The imposing cliffs hide treasures like the Chapel of Srª da Rocha. And who knows, if luck is on our side, we might encounter the elegant dance of dolphins.

But the star of the day is undoubtedly the Benagil cave. A true natural wonder that you can explore or, if you prefer, dive into its crystal-clear waters.

Back at the hotel, it’s time to make the most of it! This all-inclusive resort is any traveler’s dream: food and drinks at your disposal, two outdoor pools for sun-soaked swims, and an indoor one for relaxation. And for the more active? Tennis courts, mini-golf, and much more. Oh, and don’t forget, if you want to hop into the city center, the hotel offers transportation at certain times. Enjoy every last second!

At the end of the day, dinner awaits us at the resort. Rest and dream of more adventures, because tomorrow we have more!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Sunday in Albufeira! And as Sundays should be, we start with a relaxed morning. Get up when you feel like it, enjoy the hotel amenities, or maybe take a stroll through the city to feel its morning atmosphere.

After a good lunch, get ready to change scenery! We jump into our 4x4s and head to the interior of the Algarve, where the true Algarvian soul unveils. Along the way, we have the chance to swim in natural springs with waters so crystal clear they seem out of a fairy tale. And to whet the palate, we’ll taste traditional liquors, savor authentic medronho, and delight in homemade honey.

The journey also takes us through breathtaking mountain landscapes and villages where time seems to have stopped, with traces of the Arab presence still very visible. Ah, and if you ever wondered about cork oaks and the cork industry, this is the moment to satisfy that curiosity.

We return to the hotel in the late afternoon, and the rest of the day is all yours! Whether you prefer some well-deserved rest or want to explore more of Albufeira, the choice is yours. Make the most of this day that promises to be unforgettable. See you tomorrow, adventurers!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hello, avid hikers! This Monday starts with a hint of outdoor adventure. After a revitalizing breakfast, we head to Centeanes Beach. And here begins the magic! We kick off our walk through the famous Seven Hanging Valleys, a 6km route that takes us through some of the most iconic landscapes of the Algarve.

This is no ordinary trail: the Seven Hanging Valleys hiking route, located in the municipality of Lagoa, is one of the crown jewels of the Algarve, having recently been elected as the best hiking destination in Europe. So, each step here is a true connection with the awarded nature.

We return to the hotel for a well-deserved rest, and the rest of the day is entirely yours! Perhaps a nap, a book by the pool, or continuing to discover Albufeira?

And a note for those who prefer something more peaceful: there is an option to enjoy the sun and serenity at Marinha Beach while the rest of the group explores the route. Plus, if at any point the hike seems challenging, there’s flexibility to shorten the path according to your needs and comfort. The most important thing is that everyone can enjoy the day in their preferred way! See you tomorrow, adventurers! 🌊🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 8 :

Good morning, travelers! 🌞 Today, we pack our bags and head towards another area of the Algarve. After checkout and a comforting breakfast, it’s time to head to another wonderful Algarve area, Ferragudo! We make a brief stop at our next hotel to drop off our luggage and are eager to explore!

However, we still have a delicious gastronomic commitment ahead: the Conserveira do Arade. A short trip takes us to this local gem, where we will be transported into the world of traditional canning. Prepare for a tour through the heart of the cannery, where we’ll learn about the art, history, and passion behind each can. And, of course, in the end, we’ll have a delicious tasting! (Ah, and don’t forget that you’ll be wearing protective gear – it’s part of the experience!)

After feeding our minds and stomachs, we return on foot to the Riverside hotel. After check-in, the afternoon is yours! Take the opportunity to explore Ferragudo, enjoy the hotel amenities, or simply relax.

But don’t get too comfortable… Because tonight we have a special surprise! A themed party awaits you. What will it be, you ask? We won’t reveal everything now, but prepare your best outfit according to the dress code we’ll give you and bring the best of dispositions. It’s going to be unforgettable! 🎉🕺💃

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Hotel 4*
Day 9 :

Good morning, adventurers! 🌞 After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, the day begins with an exciting water activity. We embark on a catamaran and head for the stunning caves of Ponta da Piedade. During this 2h30 tour, you have the option to explore the caves more closely in a kayak. If you prefer, you can relax on board. And don’t worry about hunger – we have a “SANDWICH” style lunch prepared for everyone on board.

After our maritime adventure, we disembark in Lagos. A pleasant walk through the center of this charming Algarve city awaits us. We explore its picturesque streets and, later, head to Praia da Dona Ana.

But the adventure doesn’t end there! For hiking enthusiasts, we propose a challenge: a round-trip walk to Ponta da Piedade, totaling 3.6 km. The views? Simply spectacular.

Finally, we begin our return journey to Ferragudo. And today, we travel like the locals! We use public buses and trains. Not only is it a more authentic experience, but it also allows us to appreciate the Algarve landscapes from a different perspective. See you tomorrow, explorers! 🌅🚂🚌

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Hotel 4*
Day 10 :

Hello travelers! Today, we’ve prepared a day full of history, breathtaking landscapes, and, for those who wish, some shopping.

We start with a visit to the Fortress of Sagres. This fortress is not just a defensive structure; it’s a monumental landmark in Portuguese history. Situated on an imposing promontory, it played a crucial role during the Age of Discoveries. Prince Henry the Navigator established here a school of navigation, attracting the best cartographers, astronomers, and navigators of the era. The fortress is a tangible reminder of the audacity and vision of Portuguese explorers.

Next, we head to Tonel Beach, a picturesque spot perfect for relaxing and soaking up the natural beauty of the Algarve coast.

Appetite will surely kick in, so we proceed to lunch at a local restaurant, where Algarve cuisine will be the star.

After lunch, it’s time to visit a handicraft shop. This is the perfect moment to acquire an authentic souvenir from this incredible destination.

The next stop is Cape St. Vincent. We’ll admire the landscapes from the most extreme point of Portugal. The Lighthouse here is an imposing sight and has guided ships for centuries. We’ll also visit the Fortress of Santo António and Belixe Beach, each with its own beauty and history.

After this intense day, we return to the hotel to enjoy a delicious dinner. Savor it, as this is our last day of activities on this unforgettable trip! 🌊🌅🏰🍽️🕯️

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Hotel 4*

Good morning, adventurers!

Today is the day we conclude our unforgettable journey through the Algarve. After enjoying our last breakfast together, we’ll do the hotel checkout at 10:00. A transfer is already organized to take us to Faro Airport, ensuring that our departure is as smooth as our stay.

Looking back, we recall every laugh, every discovery, every shared meal, and every breathtaking sunset. These days will be full of memories that you will surely carry with you for life. The Algarve has shown us its soul, among stunning beaches, picturesque villages, rich history, and living traditions. And we, as a group, have built a connection through shared experiences and lived moments.

Although this journey is coming to an end, the stories and friendships that have been born here continue. Take with you not just photos and memories, but also the promise to return to this magical country, Portugal.

Thank you for choosing to travel with us. We hope you take a bit of the Algarve in your hearts and return, whether to rediscover or for new adventures.

TUGA.ME – Your travel tale starts here! 🌍✈️❤️




  • Accommodation - 10 nights in hotels, including 6 nights in an all-inclusive resort
  • Meals - all meals (10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, and 10 dinners) plus snacks on some tours. For the first 6 days in all-inclusive accommodations, you have free access to food outside of meal times.
  • Beverages - some drinks included with all meals (water, soda, beer, house wine).
  • Experiences - 12 experiences in 9 days
  • Tour Leader - accompaniment by a leader throughout the trip
  • Local Guide - some tours include a local guide
  • Transportation - a group transfer on arrival and departure, as well as transportation throughout
  • Internet - SIM card with UNLIMITED mobile data for your smartphone.
  • Travel Insurance - the best travel insurance we know of is included, and believe us, we know many and have access to almost all of them.


  • Flights - although the flight is not included, we can arrange it for you
  • Other experiences, meals, and beverages not specified
  • Personal extras


Posso inscrever-me sozinho/a?

Claro que sim, a maior parte dos nossos viajantes viaja sozinho. É uma viagem para conhecermos novas pessoas e fazer amizades.

Em que tipo de quartos vamos ficar?

Durante a nossa viagem, ficaremos em quartos duplos. Se estiveres a viajar sozinho(a), vais partilhar o quarto com outro viajante do mesmo sexo. Os quartos podem ter uma cama de casal ou duas camas separadas.

Se viajares como casal ou com um amigo(a), terás o teu próprio quarto privado para maior conforto e privacidade. 

Existe vários alojamentos em que o grupo tem de ficar distribuido por quartos de categorias diferentes, sendo que a atribuição dos mesmos é feita de forma aleatória à medida que os viajantes se vão inscrevendo.

E se eu quiser um quarto individual?

Geralmente, não oferecemos quartos individuais devido aos custos elevados e à indisponibilidade na maioria dos alojamentos escolhidos. Mesmo assim caso tenhas interesse entra em contacto connosco, para questionarmos os hotéis sobre a disponibilidade e preço do suplemento single que terás de pagar.

E se não confirmarem?

Se até 20 dias antes da viagem não tivermos atingido o número mínimo de viajantes, entramos em contacto contigo para te informar que a viagem foi cancelada.
Caso isso aconteça existem 3 opções para os inscritos: Devolução do dinheiro pago; Possibilidade de agendar para nova data; Possibilidade de usar noutro destino ou deixar em crédito para viagens futuras.
Caso seja o viajante a cancelar aplicam-se os termos e condições.

Os voos estão incluídos?

Não, cada viajante é responsável pela compra do seu bilhete de avião. O viajante pode comprar as passagens aéreas por intermédio da TUGA.ME ou de um parceiro seu, mas a referida passagem aérea é sempre um serviço vendido à parte das viagens de grupo.

Lembramos que só deves comprar os bilhetes de avião quando a viagem estiver confirmada. Receberás um email assim que isso aconteça, com a indicação de que já podes proceder à reserva dos voos.

Por que razão os voos não estão incluídos?

Como temos viajantes de vários países, não nos é possível incluir o voo no pacote da viagem.

Quando devemos chegar ao destino e partir dele?

Deves chegar ao destino no dia em que começa a viagem (data de início que está indicado no programa) e marcar o regresso no dia em termina.

Posso estender os dias da viagem?

Caso pretendas ficar mais uns dias antes ou depois da nossa viagem de grupo e necessites de ajuda com alojamento, entra em contato connosco, após teres efetuado a tua reserva. Nota que este serviço é sempre vendido à parte das viagens de grupo.

O grupo de viajantes vai viajar todo junto?

Não, como temos viajantes de várias zonas do mundo, o ponto de encontro do grupo será no aeroporto de Faro ou no primeiro alojamento.


Nesta viagem teremos dois transferes coletivos para todo o grupo: um transfer na chegada do aeroporto de Faro para o hotel e outro na partida, do hotel para o aeroporto de Faro.
O horário desses transferes vai ser marcado de acordo com os horários de chegada e partida da maioria dos viajantes.
Antes da viagem começar, vamos te informar sobre os horários exatos desses transferes para que te possas programar.

Terei tempo livre?

Claro! Apesar da nossa viagem ser bastante preenchida, com muitas atividades para ti, também terás algum tempo livre para explorares por conta própria, ou até mesmo para desfrutares dos hotéis.

Tenho um problema de saúde, posso ir na viagem?

Todos os viajantes são bem-vindos nas nossas viagens, mas caso tenhas um problema de saúde que de alguma forma te limite fisicamente, recomendamos que antes de efetuares a tua reserva fales connosco. Desta forma podemos juntos ver se a viagem é ou não aconselhada para ti, ou recomendar-te outra que achemos mais indicada.

Qual o tipo de refeições incluídas?

As refeições incluídas são geralmente comida local do destino.

Tenho uma restrição alimentar, há opções?

Sim e não, isso vai depender do tipo de restrição alimentar que tenhas e da possibilidade dos nossos parceiros em preparem refeições adequadas às tuas necessidades. Se a tua restrição alimentar é um fator impeditivo para viajar, então antes de efetuares a tua reserva deves falar connosco.

Seguro de viagem?

A viagem tem incluído um ótimo seguro de viagem, vê as coberturas e condições gerais, aqui.

Saúde e vacinas?

Para esta viagem não existem vacinas obrigatórias.

O destino desta viagem é perigoso?

Segundo o Global Peace Index 2022, Portugal é o sexto país mais seguro do mundo e o quinto da Europa. No entanto é necessário ter os cuidados habituais, existem carteiristas em qualquer lugar do mundo.

Posso reservar lugar, sem pagar o total da viagem?

SIM, para garantir a tua reserva necessitas apenas de pagar 30% do valor total. No entanto caso falte 60 ou menos dias para o início da viagem, terás de pagar os 100%.

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